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24k Gold Rose - Flowers Collection

Goldtrimmed Roses are lacquerred roses trimmed in 24k Gold, approximately 10"-12" long with 2 green lacquered leaveson the stem also trimmed in 24k gold. Each Rose goes through a 65-step process before completion. The make a timeless gift a girlfriend / boyfriend or fiance or to memorialize a life achieving moment such as a graduation anniversary or meeting.

Gold Rose - Forever Rose

The best gold roses! This roses are unite gold and roses, the symbols of love and timeless. Gold and roses were appreciated at all times. Gold roses is the best roses. These roses never will wither.

Real rose and real gold. Each 24k gold rose is naturally different, or one of a kind art piece in the world. We can call it "Forever Rose Forever Love", Of course, it is the perfect gift to say "I love you forever". They make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirement, Funerals, Births, Hostess Gifts, Corporate Gifts or any occasion or event you may want to memorialize.

Flowers collection - 24k Gold Rose

Flowers Collection

Gold rose - Gift of beauty

Roses and Gold, symbols of timeless beauty and value, have now been perfectly combined in our Flowers Collection.

Our Gold Roses are carefully selected at their peek of beauty, gently preserved and shaped, then finished in pure 24k Gold Rose for your lifetime enjoyment.

Gold Rose - Exclusive Flowers Collection

gold rose

Our photo of Gold Rose Flowers Collection

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Gold Rose it is the best gift to say "I love you forever"!


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